How To Measure Truck Bed Width & Length For Tent | 4 Easy Steps

Camping is all fun and games until you have to make a perfect truck bed for the Tent you would be camping in. Therefore, it is essential to know How to Measure Truck Bed width for a Tent?

For experts and beginners alike, truck bed tents appear to be a perfect choice for camping, with the convenience of setting it up anywhere in the terrain being the most common benefit.

You can sleep anywhere on the ground regardless of how dirty it is due to the presence of a tent. While having lots of features, if the truck bed is not correctly measured, there are chances that your camping experience would be negatively affected.

How To Measure Truck Bed Width For Tent

To deal with this, we have tried to come up with some techniques that can help you measure the exact and most accurate size of the truck bed for the tents.

Step 1: How to measure truck bed width

To measure the width of the truck bed, we must look for the distance inside the truck. This truck distance is measured between the inner side of the sidewall of the truck to the other side wall on the inside of the truck.

Measurements of the truck bed’s width are important for two factors; if you want to hop on wide-sized products or In case you want to buy a crossover toolbox.

First, grab a measuring tape. This measuring tape should be above 10 feet in size. Position the measuring tape so it may fit precisely in between all the side walls of the truck bed.

Now, record the number of inches shown on the measuring tape and name them as width.

You should also ensure that the measuring tape is balanced and straight. The reason is that if there is any bent on it, there are chances that the measurements would be done wrong.

Lastly, you can repeat the process once more for complete surety as an extra precaution. Also, if your truck’s wheel wells are on the inner side, make sure to measure the distance between them as well.

Step 2: How do you measure the length of a truck bed

Now, it’s time to get measurements regarding the length of the truck bed, which plays a very significant role in selecting the exact size of the truck bed.

To deal with it, the first thing you should know about it is that this length size is determined by measuring the distance between the inner side of the tailgate of the truck bed to the inner side of the bulkhead associated with the truck.

First, take a measuring tape in hand to measure the length of the truck bed. Always make sure that the tailgate present in the truck is on the upper side. Now, position the measuring tape, so it fits between the tailgate’s inner side.

This tape position should correspond with the inner side of the bulkhead associated with the truck bed. The next step related to measuring truck bed length is to record the number of inches shown on the truck bed.

As previously stated, ensure that the measuring tape is entirely straight and without any bent. Also, don’t count any of the exterior areas present on the truck.

Step 3: How to determine the depth of the truck bed

The simplest way to measure the square footage of the truck bed is just by multiplying the width (measured in inches) by the length of the truck bed (measured in inches). Then divide the final answer by 144.

To make it easy for you, we have provided an example below.

  • Let’s assume that the truck bed length is 56 inches, while the width is about 23 inches in size.
  • Now, calculate the answer by multiplying both values, i.e., 56×23 = 1288.
  • Then calculate the final answer by dividing the above-given answer by 144, i.e., 1288÷144= 9.
  • The truck bed we have is about 9 square feet in size.

The above-stated measurements show how to measure truck beds for the tent.

Calculation of a Cubic Yardage:

Most often, the primary concern of the contents related to the truck is its weight and not the quantity, even though it is illegal to carry the kind of load which appears in the form of stacks.

Also, if that stack is piled up over the back side of the tailgate, that makes it more illegal. For this, you need the measurements of cubic yardage. Click Here to Download.

For this, you’d need your calculated square footage. After this, measure the tailgate height from the truck bed’s bottom and divide the answer by 12. This way, you’d get the length of the bed in square feet.

Here’s a quick example for your ease:

  • Assume that the measurement of the truck bed is about 32 sq feet, at an elevated level of about 1.5 feet. So 32×1.5=48 cubic feet
  • Now, to determine the cubic yardage, divide the above-stated cubic foot answer by 27, i.e.48÷127=1.78 square yards.

Measuring for a Bedliner:

This type of measurement is a bit complicated and depends on the type you choose for measurements. This happens as many sellers allow you to enter the truck of your given specifications.

This can help your truck to get the right size of it. On the other hand, if you want to do the measurements on your own, you’ll need to make measurements regarding the longest points for length, width, and depth. The measurements are given in inches.

Multiply the length by the width of the truck. Then add the length and width to each other, and multiply them by 2. Add 2 inches to the provided number of depths.

Finally, multiply the total number by the previously provided number. But if you are confused with these measurements, we recommend you go for spray-in bed liners, in which there is no need for these measurements.


Accurate Truck bed measurements are important in almost all cases you need. Whether you are determining the total amount of cargo that must be hauled or trying to fit a new accessory to your truck, precise and exact measurements give a long run.

Here is everything you need to know about How to Measure Truck Bed width for Tent. We hope that you’d be satisfied by the end of this article. 

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