How To Build A Truck Bed Tent | Best Tips And Tricks

Being a passionate camper, you must know its importance and how peaceful it is. Moreover, you can have some fantastic fun moments with your family and friends while camping. Additionally, you surely want to avoid all the obstacles while traveling.

Hence you try to keep all the essentials with you. Moreover, you all need a peaceful sleep while you are on your adventure, which must be relaxed and comfortable too.

How to build a truck bed tent?

There are many different types of camping tents, some of which are expensive. In essence, the truck tents comprise high-quality SUVs and pickup truck models. However, you can also design one on your own to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

The advantage of a truck tent is it keeps you safe and sound during harsh weather conditions while keeping you warm and dry.

Making A Truck Tent

The truck bed tent is gaining true fame with families going out for adventure and campers. The best thing about such tents is they require very little space while they are made of canvas. To add, these bed tents are easy to set up.

Moreover, it also happens that some automotive restrict several bed tents from fixing. So, there are some necessary modifications that you need to make to improve the tent. Even more, it is undoubtedly not cost-effective.

A homemade truck bed tent is also an option, and the good news is that it can be easily made. A truck bed tent is the latest development and inspires many people. Besides, a truck bed tent can be a versatile experience if you love gazing at the stars at night.

This new invention is only manufactured by a few manufacturers as there is no such competition for the truck bed tents.

Besides, this article will brief you on how to build a truck bed tent and what you need to make one.

How To Make A Truck Bed Tent

Do you know that you will now know how to make your own truck tent? Doesn’t it sound strange? No worries, it is quite a simple thing to do.

Before making a truck bed tent, know the correct measurements of your truck floor. Having the right information about your truck’s measures is extremely important.

The accurate measurements help you fit your tent on the truck quickly. Also, you must keep in mind that truck beds come in various styles, and some of them are as under:

  • Step side beds
  • Fleetside beds
  • Bed Rail track systems

Materials Required To Build A Truck Bed Tent

Following are some of the essential materials that you will surely need to construct a truck bed tent.

  • 6ft to 8ft long PVC pipes
  • Pickup Truck
  • 45-Degree Elbow
  • Corner Fittings
  • Pool Noodle
  • Side Saddle Tee
  • Cable clamps
  • Snap Clamps
  • Measuring tape
  • Paper, Pen/Pencil
  • Large and Thick Tarp

Now let’s look at the steps that will enlighten you about how to make a truck bed tent. Essentially, making a truck bed tent is not that difficult, and you will know that once you continue reading the article.


Firstly, you are required to set your truck brake on a parking brake while lowering the tailgate. You will need someone’s help as it may be challenging to do alone. Also, good support can help you do your work faster than usual.

Do it as how you want your truck bed tent to look. Meaning drawing a rough diagram so you have a basic idea.

Step 2

You will have to fix the PVC pipe in your truck bed in four holes. Moreover, try to construct a canopy or an A-frame on the truck’s top. You can fix the tarp on the top to safeguard yourself from harsh weather like rain.

Your answer to how to build a truck bed tent is partially answered. Read more to know more about the process.

Step 3

You have to initiate the tent building process by cutting the legs of the four pipes that are supposed to go inside the holes. You are required to cut these pipes one foot long for desired results.

Additionally, the tent’s height must be so that you can easily sit upright. Moreover, it must also be compact enough to easily fit into a tent bag. Now you will require a 45-degree elbow to connect the PVC pipes.

Hence, the 45-degree elbow acts as a tee connector and is fixed at the one-foot pipe. In addition, the connection is made in all four holes of the truck bed tent. Furthermore, this will form more robust support, which will create a frame that is firm and sturdy enough.

Step 4

After forming the A-frame, you can place the tarp on the top of the frame. Even more, you will need clamps to fix the tarp. Not only do you need clamps to fix the tarp on the top of the tent but also the backside so that the tent does not fly off.

Make sure you use plenty of clamps for a good hold. You are done with making a truck tent. As of now, you can start your camping journey!

Some Tips And Tricks About Making A Truck Bed Tent

Here are some tips and tricks that you must know while setting up the truck bed tent:

  • If you don’t want to fix the pool noodle, it is perfectly fine, but if you do so, it will help you prevent the noise of the winds. All you need to do is fix the pool noodle in the legs of the PVC pipes.
  • If you want lights in your tent, you can easily hand them from the top, However, precautionary measures must be taken during the entire process
  • If you favor additional comfort, then you can opt for a blowup mattress that you can put on the bed.


The article revolves around how to build a truck bed tent as a DIY activity. Moreover, if you opt for ready-med bed tents, they would cost you an arm and a leg. Make your creation unique by spending a little money.

However, making a truck bed tent is exceptionally an easy thing to do. Furthermore, you do have a list of materials needed to construct one. 

A customized truck tent can be helpful for you as you can put your input aside from forming a traditional truck tent. This will create a unique design tent, and you can peacefully travel with your creation.

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