Can You Drive With A Truck Tent (Quick Answer)

Your pickup truck could become an off-the-ground camper by installing a truck bed tent inside the bed. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

While others have many compartments that utilize the ground as support, some simply employ the bed as the tent’s structural system.

One of the preferred camping alternatives for overlanders who use pickup trucks is the utilization of truck bed tents. You can use the truck bed as a refuge, preventing you from slipping off the truck when you sleep, by using the area that is offered by the side covering of the bed.

However, can you drive with a truck tent attached to the bed? On the premise of our investigation, we will offer a specific answer to that in this post.

Can You Drive With A Truck Tent Extension?

Driving your truck while the bed tent is up is not a wise option, and it could be unsafe. You run the risk of not only damaging or ruining your tent but also jeopardizing other vehicles by blocking their visibility or drifting into their line of sight and maybe triggering a catastrophe.

Therefore, before leaving, lock your truck bed tent as well as keep in mind it is packed appropriately. Put it in place after you reach your camping ground.

Is It Dangerous To Drive While Wearing A Truck Bed Tent?

It is not an excellent choice to drive while your truck tent extension is set up for a wide range of reasons. An accident is about to occur because of this.

If you do this ahead of schedule, you will not have to put up your tent when you arrive at your camping ground, which will spare you time. However, definitely do not attempt this!

  • The likelihood of the tent getting undone and obstructing the vision of an automobile behind you or in a different lane, resulting in a potentially terrible tragedy, is very significant.
  • Aerodynamics is another consideration; a truck bed tent is often broad and might impede the circulation that strikes the vehicle as it moves. Your vehicle will get better gas mileage if it is folded since it will have a more hydrodynamic appearance while you are driving.
  • By keeping your tent exposed, you run the danger of having it destroyed by the strength of the wind as you move fast.
  • As was earlier said, the wind picking up your tent as you drive can also result in the loss of it.

The most sensible step to take is to have your tent firmly packed when driving. The ability to safely pack your other camping equipment while your tent is stowed, even when you’re going, offers sufficient space for storage.

Can A Truck Tent Be Used In Place Of A Standard Tent?

This question may also come to your mind whenever you think about how to turn a truck bed into a tent. Although the majority of truck bed tents are intended to be placed on the roof of a truck bed, you still have the option.

It would be challenging to keep your tent upright on the ground because you must utilize the attachment system of the tent that connects with the vehicle for this purpose.

You have significant advantages of protection from the damp ground when you set up your tent on the bed of your truck. As a result of your altitude, bothersome wildlife would be less likely to awaken or hurt you as you doze.

The sidewalls of your truck bed might supply additional security and stability for the sidewalls of your tent. You can stay within the tent and avoid sliding outdoors due to the truck’s walls, which further provide wind shelter.

However, you are still permitted to use your truck bed tent as a regular tent if you so wish. Just remember that you are employing it contrary to how it was intended to be used, so having it set up may be your most formidable challenge.

Can I Sleep In My Car At A Campsite In The Truck Tent?

Can you sleep in a truck camper while driving? Well, when resting in your truck bed tent, there are multiple ways to detect your resting spot and maybe even make it for yourself. You ought to be aware of your choices and include them in your bed.

It is advised to use air mattresses of superior quality. The best option is to opt for memory foam, if at all possible. Finding ease is already easier because the flooring of your truck is superior to the ground.

Because they serve as your primary line of protection against the elements, high-quality tents play an essential role in your comfort.

Get a tent that accommodates your truck bed and has adequate weatherproofing for those windy nights in the woods because it will go a long way toward improving you get a good night of sleep. So if you are thinking, can you drive with a truck tent during winter then it is a solid yes.

How To Drive With A Truck Tent: Some Practical Advice

We don’t want you to miss out on the chance to check out a truck tent merely because of this one obstacle, despite how uncomfortable it is. To assist in making it less unpleasant, try some of the following suggestions.

  • Keep it from going entirely down.

The tent does not necessarily need to be entirely taken down just because you have to take it down. It can be folded down so it will fit within the truck bed and not extend above the sides of the vehicle.

You might be able to save some time in this way, particularly with the buckles. Just watch out that the straps don’t interfere with the mobility of the truck (such as straps getting stuck in the wheels or rolling on the ground all the way).

  • Put A Truck Bed Cover To Use

In addition, it would also be a great convenience if you could use a truck bed cover to create a roof that is the same height as the sides. The tent wouldn’t need to be taken down very far. Simply lower it to the level and then secure the top.

  • Choose A Simple-Up, Simple-Down Alternative

Some truck bed tents are quicker to set up and take down than others; it’s not like all truck bed tents are supposed to be equal. Some also use hydraulic rods for exceptionally fast ups and downs that take little to no effort and also save time. A truck tent takes a bit longer to erect than a floored tent, but once you get the grip of it, the setup technique is actually relatively fast.

For the majority of people, setting it up will only take approximately 10 to 15 minutes, and then if you consider this advice and don’t put it away before you get into the vehicle, resetting it will go even more swiftly.

  • Bring an additional vehicle.

Although it could seem like more work, you won’t even have to consider elevating or lowering it when you have the option of bringing a second vehicle. Just drive your other vehicle. When you go camping to see friends that live nearby, you can do this quite a bit. You can also keep the tent up and take their car for a ride, or you could simply go with them.

Should You Invest in a Truck Bed Tent?

You might be thinking, are truck tents worth it? Overlanding (camping when going off the beaten path) is becoming more and more well-liked these days. Compared to standard RV camping, which is generally limited to paved or gravel roads, truck bed tents are helpful for a rawer encounter.

Should you invest in truck bed tents? Truck bed tents are undoubtedly worth the expense for individuals looking for a cheap alternative to sleep off the ground and truck owners who wish to feel more at ease while sleeping. In addition to lifting you off any uneven terrain, a truck bed tent gives you more vehicle-based camping options.


Is it illegal to ride in the back of a truck in NC?

Pickup truck open beds and other open cargo spaces must have solid overhead restraint structures before permitting passengers under sixteen to travel.

It should be emphasized that neither the NC Legislature nor the judiciary has ever defined what constitutes a permanent overhead restricting construction.

Can you drive a truck tent Canada?

No. You can get hurt when driving with the tent linked to your truck and ruin your tent.

Is it legal to ride in the back of a truck with a camper shell in California?

Is it possible to ride in the back of a pickup truck in California? No, a ticket would be filed. If you imply in a pickup’s “bed,” it is still “illegal” to do so even though the vehicle has a camp “shell”—not a camper itself.


Can you drive with a truck tent? Traveling with your tent set in the truck bed is not a good idea. It would harm your tents, rendering them inoperable, and create a safety threat for oncoming traffic. Tents in truck beds should be folded up and stored securely while carrying.

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