How To Turn A Truck Bed Into A Tent | 8 Best Steps

Camping is an extravagant experience for sure. Whether traveling or planning a short or long trip, you can now convert a truck bed into a tent. Moreover, you will learn several ways to quickly turn a truck bed into a tent.

Also, the article addresses your question about how to turn a truck bed into a tent in detail. You might be wondering how you can convert your truck bed into a tent. DIY truck tents are also quite affordable, and they do not require a lot of investment.

How To Turn A Truck Bed Into A Tent

Materials Required To Form A Truck Tent

To form a truck tent, you will need a few materials which are as under:

  • Waterproof insulation
  • Truck cap
  • Roof rack
  • Adhesive tape
  • Power supply

The tent formation process is quite simple and only costs $150. Moreover, you can perform the procedure at home and successfully form the truck tent by following the instructions correctly. Making a truck bed tent is not that difficult. Following the guidelines correctly is all you need to do.

How To Turn Your Truck Bed Into A Tent

The article will enlighten you on the proven and legit steps to turn the truck bed into a tent. Besides, before you hop on the guideline, know the products you will need to form a tent.

  • Hammer drill
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Scissors
  • Bedrug
  • Adhesive tape
  • Camper mounting tape

Select a truck cap

Truck caps are usually enclosed and have windows. Also, it is located on the truck’s bed. Besides, the top where the truck cap is mounted is known as a canopy.

It would be best if you used the DCU truck cap, which is used for camping. You get excellent aluminum framing, whereas you can also have access to side doors.

These side doors are a great source of ventilation, and not only do you get into a highly ventilated space, but you can enjoy a perfect view through your tent. Even more, fiberglass products are yet another exciting product for the purpose. In addition, the caps come in various designs.

Usage of Waterproof Materials

It is essential to keep your tent waterproof. It is because you can never predict the weather conditions. Moreover, if it rains, you will suffer badly. You can use rubber leather stripping to prevent your tent from getting wet. Paste the glue on the rubber stripping and apply it to the lid. Make sure it sticks well for long-lasting results.

Moreover, the glue dries fast, so you must adjust the equipment quickly, so everything sticks correctly. You are only halfway to knowing How to turn a truck bed into a tent. Building a tent will become easier as you read more.

Use of Adhesive Tape

Before you mount the equipment on the truck, you will need to use adhesive tape. It would be best if you also spread the blanket on the bottom of the tent. Be sure to measure the blanket before spreading it out on the floor.

Now put the equipment upside down and apply the adhesive tape.

However, the insulation tape is available at any store. You need to apply each layer of tape across the entire device smoothly.

Secure The Tent

It is now necessary to secure the cap in its original location. You will require aluminum clamps for the purpose along with a machine, so it helps you drill the holes.

Now sit at the back of the vehicle and set the clamps to have a good grip around the railings. Don’t worry if there is more than one hole in the cap. If you have a larger 6 or 7ft vehicle, you must drill at least four holes to ensure proper support.

Furthermore, you will require a screw tightener to tighten the nuts in every bolt.

Setup Bedding

The camper, as you all know, is meant for nighttime. It is because the location where you are staying is unsafe or does not have a facility. This step will help you with a cozy and peaceful sleep.

Additionally, you need to remove the old bedding liner from the pickup to replace it with a new one. Even more, several automobiles with bed liners are made of solid materials.

The solid material makes the bed liners relatively rigid, and you cannot comfortably sleep on them. You can remove those liners and cover them so it becomes a safe place to sleep.

Setup of The Electricity System

It is incredibly easy to set up a light you can. Also, if you want a much safer and easier option, you can take a rechargeable LED light. With a rechargeable LED light, you can fully charge it before camping.

However, the LED light reduces your urge for electricity, ensuring a hassle-free experience. You can also place a solar set up to experience some good results to be more advanced.

Also, ensure that the light you use is waterproof and 12 volts.

Add Roof Rack

Another important thing you need to do is to add the roof rack. While arranging other necessary setups, we also need to consider the addition of a roof rack that helps you keep your belongings safely.

To make a roof rack, you will need a good metal that requires welding to form a frame, and then you can place it at an appropriate place. You can do more with the tent, like add curtains and windows if you can afford a luxury tent.

But if not, it is perfectly fine as you have to spend some time in the tent and rest if you must be enjoying your camping. It is sure that now you know how to turn a truck bed into a tent.

Use Ready-To-Use Tents

If you don’t have enough time or do not know how to build a tent, you can go for a ready-to-use truck tent. These ready-to-use truck tents are readily available in the market. You can choose the tent as per your needs and choice.

Things To Consider When Turning A Truck Bed Into A Tent

The important thing to consider whether you are building a tent or using a ready-to-use tent is the size of the tent. You surely need to measure both of them, so it easily fits in your truck.

Also, consideration of the material is yet another important. Usually, these caps are used for the purpose. However, by doing so, you must use plastic fiber or polyester, for which you must take some necessary precautions.

Also, don’t forget to coat it with a waterproof material considering the unpredictable weather conditions. Surely, you know how to make your own truck tent.


In short, you must be aware of the proper steps that help you convert a truck bed into a tent. Moreover, the detailed guide will help you build the tent in the best possible manner. Also, since you know How to turn a truck bed into a tent, you can add additional features to your tent per your needs and specifications.

You can add either curtains or windows by using some additional PVC pipes. Also, remember that your tent must be waterproof because of the weather conditions. How to build a truck bed tent must not be a big deal for you now.

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