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Tenting has evolved from being rough and challenging; it has become a comfort. The developments made have revolutionized the varieties of tents.

Many people are confused and search for an answer to the question of a truck tent vs regular tent as these are two of the most famous forms of on-road tenting options.

Both have their pros and cons. It depends on the type of adventure. So, the answer is not just dependent on a single factor.

When choosing between a tent truck and a regular tent, consider multiple factors. We have covered all the essential points to make your choice easy. So here we go with our main discussion

Truck Tent Vs Regular Tent

What Is A Truck Tent

Before moving on, let us first check what is precisely a truck tent. Many people have started using this space as tenting with enhanced backspace on trucks and SUVs. Not only does it make extra room, but it also helps hikers to stay close to their vehicles and party wherever they want to stay.

Simply put, a truck tent or a bed tent is built on a vehicle’s backside and has advantages and disadvantages. 

The increased popularity is no surprise for truck tents, as the new generation loves trying fresh stuff instead of sticking to conventional camping. But, the question remains, are truck tents worth it? Our article will elaborate on this question. 

What Is A Regular Tent

The regular tents are a conventional form of tents set up on the ground. They are still loved by many. Regular tents are a hot property even in the twenty-first century.

So, they never vanished from the market, giving a tough time to new tenting options like a truck tent with great added features.

But, a few cons also make regular tents less famous amongst a new pool of campers. Who prefer experiencing new ways of tenting.

But you cannot write regular tents off, as they have a legacy and work perfectly well even in the most challenging times. 

It’s Not Just About Good Or Bad

We cannot rather should not, judge a truck or regular tent as good or bad. Both truck tents and regular have features and meet specific criteria for selection.

A truck tent may suit one situation, while a truck tent suits other conditions. So, it all depends on the nature of the utility of the tent.

The critical factors determining the ultimate selection may include the nature of hiking, price, number of persons, weather conditions, comfort, design, setup time, and many others.

So, both truck and conventional are good and bad simultaneously, depending on the nature of usage and under which condition you make your choice. Hence, making the right choice is pivotal in determining the outcome.

Pros And Cons Of Truck Tent

One of the best ways to judge truck tents vs regular tents is to study their pros and cons.

So, here are a few significant positives and negatives of a truck tent. 


  • Safety:

These are built on the top of the truck rather than the ground, thus making them safer.

  • Comfort:       

The truck’s bed provides a perfectly flat sleeping area. Usually, the grounds are not smooth and are rocky and rarely flat.

  • Durable:        

Truck tents are durable. Since their installation is done on the back of the vehicle, hence avoiding direct exposure to rocks and other pointy things.

  • Mobility:       

You can quickly move your tent from one place to another without the hassle of removing and setting it up again. 


  • Pricier: 

Truck tents are usually costlier compared to other forms of tents.

  • Limited size: 

The options in terms of sizes are limited regarding truck tents, as vehicles have a limited size to offer.

  • Set up:         

Setting up a truck tent typically takes more time. Also, you must ensure that it fits snug and covers the appropriate place at the end of the vehicle.

Pros And Cons Of Regular Tent

Traditional tents have shortcomings and pluses; here is a look at them.


  • Sturdy:          

Regular tents are incredibly sturdy. The tent is firm, staked, tied, and hammered for a lasting position.

  • Size:               

There are multiple sizing options available in a regular tent. You can have a tent for a single person to a whole group of ten people.

  • Weather:       

These tents can easily withstand harsh weather and challenging conditions. As the material used is a thicker, rip-stop polyester material. 

  • Set up:         

You can easily set up a regular tent quickly. Since regular tents have all the accessories readily available, thus you can set them up in no time.


  • Portability:    

Regular tents are usually not easy to carry around. Since they are heavy, so find a good spot for tenting.

  • Heavier:       

When folded, these become heavy and tough to carry.

Are Truck Tents Worth It?

The truck tents are worth every penny. They are easy to set up while providing good protection. 

Despite them being pricey and limited in options, they still are convenient. Truck tents have offered a variety to amateur campers.

So, having a truck tent at your disposal is an added advantage. A truck tent is worth it if you plan to go out on a rocky hike.

Truck Tent Vs Regular Tent_ Which One Is Good

The below lines cover critical differences if you are confused about choosing between a truck tent and a regular one. Both of them are great for camping but do possess individual strengths.

  • Comfort:       

As far as sleeping comfort is concerned, a truck tent is a real winner. The main reason is the flatbed of the vehicle.

  • Insulation:   

Both types of tents offer good insulating facilities from cold and heat. Truck tents protect from winds, while the ground offers good insulation. The ground usually gets warmer after some time. 

  • Setting up:    

Usually, regular tents are faster to set up. On average, a truck tent takes fifteen to twenty minutes, while a regular tent takes much lesser. Similarly, it would help if you took down your truck tent every time you drive your vehicle. So, a regular tent is a clear winner here.

  • Design:          

On the whole, the ground tents offer better design, as they are durable. However, the truck tents have a reinforced bottom that protects against wear and tear. So, in terms of design, both types of tents almost score the same.

  • Space:           

Regular tents stand out when it comes to space features. Truck tents are only limited to the size of the tent; however, regular tents may cover a space up to the size of an actual room.

  • Price:           

Since regular tents are abundant, they offer better pricing options. On the other hand, truck tents are a bit costlier.


Can I use a truck tent as a regular tent?

Usually, the truck tents are not useable on the ground. But, with improved designs, now it is very much possible to use the best truck tents as regular tents on the ground with a few adjustments.

Which type of tent can accommodate ten people?

A big size regular tent can easily manage ten or more people. You have multiple options while buying a regular tent, so choose the right to accommodate ten people.

Which type of tent is price effective?

Regular tents are less expensive. Since there are many suppliers of regular tents, you can find a budget tent in a regular tent.


The truck tent vs regular tent is an ongoing debate. We cannot make a single winner. There are multiple features to consider before making the final decision.

We have tried to cover all the necessary points required to consider the type of tent for any particular scenario. In addition, we have also answered the question, are truck tents worth it?

We do hope that article was of help to you in making your decision easy. At the same time, your decision helped you make fond memories of your recent hiking expedition.  

Keep visiting this space for more similar articles. For now, it’s goodbye!

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