What Size Air Mattress Fits In A Truck Bed Tent

When planning a road trip, you need to make an air mattress your ultimate friend. Moreover, an air mattress ensures you a comfortable journey no matter how long it is.

In addition, what would you do if you didn’t have an air mattress? You would probably sleep on the hard surface or would also have to bear the cold weather.

Moreover, an air mattress is quite essential for longer trips. It ensures you some additional comfort. Multiple mattresses in the market can easily fit the size of your truck bed.

Let’s jump into the article to find out what size air mattress fits in a truck bed tent

Can An Air Mattress Fit In Your Truck Bed?

If you want to fit an air mattress in a truck bed, you will genuinely need some accurate measurements. Furthermore, the correct measures will help you choose the right air mattress that easily fits in your truck bed.

Moreover, if you own a pickup truck, plenty of air mattress sizes will work for you. This means you will have several options from which you can choose anyone.

Following are the sizes that can easily fit in your truck bed

  • 54×75 inches
  • 60×80 inches
  • 72×72 inches
  • 75×78 inches

However, all the sizes mentioned above are the standard ones, and there will be no issue fixing them in your truck bed.

What Is The Accurate Air Mattress Size That Fits In The Truck Bed?

You will require a full or double-sized air mattress that fits any truck bed. In addition, such a size incorporates two people peacefully.

Moreover, if you opt for a full-size mattress, its size would be 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. This means it would be a 54×75 inches air mattress.

However, another option you can utilize is to fit two twin-size mattresses in your truck bed, but unfortunately, if you are two, then only one can sleep in the air mattress.

A Standard-Sized Truck Bed That Incorporates An Air Mattress

If we talk about the ideal size of the truck bed, it measures around five feet in length and is 48 inches wide. Furthermore, there can still be slight variations in the dimensions—these subtle variations depend on the kind of truck bed you own.

Moreover, the mattresses are designed to fit in any truck bed easily. This means They are all designed keeping the standard size in mind.

In essence, if your truck is large enough or contains a larger cab, you must reconsider the size of your mattress. However, in this scenario, you can opt for a bigger mattress if it’s available on the market.

Air Mattress Size Chart

The air mattress size mentioned below to help you find the right size for each mattress. Also, it will help you make the correct decision for choosing the air mattress for the truck bed you own.

Following are the sizes of air mattresses that are easily incorporated into a truck bed:

Air Mattress Size Chart

Can You Fit A Twin Bed In A Truck Bed?

There are indeed high chances that you can easily fit a queen-size air mattress into a truck bed. It is because the standard size of the truck bed is usually 54×75 inches or 75×78 inches.

On the contrary, the small truck bed measures 48×70 inches. Usually, the mattresses are designed smaller than this size, so you will not encounter any issues fitting the air mattress into your truck bed.

How Does A Full-Size Mattress Fit In Your Truck Bed?

Now, this is something quite interesting. You must wonder if a full-sized air mattress can easily fit your truck bed. But many truck beds indeed accommodate such sizes.

Even more, the truck beds usually accommodate the width of the mattress, but sometimes an issue encounters with the length of the air mattress.

An extra-long bed will probably not fit in your truck bed. So it is always the best tides to measure first. You can choose the right mattress if you have accurate truck bed measurements. This will prevent you from facing any size-related issues later on.

How To Measure The Size Of Your Truck Bed To Make The Right Choice For The Air Mattress?

It is essential to measure your truck bed from every angle so that you can only buy the air mattress that easily fits in your truck bed.

There are a few things that you must consider while measuring the air mattress for your truck bed.

First of all, measure the dimensions of the actual mattress. Secondly, you all need to consider the size of the air mattress when it is inflated or deflated while transporting it to the location.

Different Types Of Truck Bed Mattresses

There are several types of air mattresses for the truck bed. Moreover, a standard foam mattress comes in various sizes and increases firmness. Even more, this type of mattress easily fits your needs.

However you can also cut the mattress as per your requirements, but it is not recommended to do so because it may destroy the actual shape and size of the air mattress.

Also, it may not look the same or provide the same comfort level.

If your air mattress is more significant than the usual size, you can arrange some assembly before fitting it into your truck bed.

You can also do it on your own with some essential tools, even if you are not very handy with the tool.

Considerations Before Buying An Air Mattress

There are a few considerations that you must know if you are willing to purchase a mattress. Following are the factors that you must keep in your thoughts before buying an air mattress:


The first factor you need to consider is the choice of the right mattress size. Moreover, if you select an oversized or undersized mattress, you will encounter issues both ways.

As per the discussion above, there are various sizes for an air mattress like a king, queen, twin, single, and whole. If you have kids, you can go for a small-size mattress.

But if you are all adults, then consider buying a larger-sized mattress.


There are different mattress types. Other mattresses have different features, shapes, forms, and materials. Air beds are solutions for your camping and picnic.

Furthermore, if you choose the best type of air mattress, it will accompany you for a more extended period.


Make sure that the air mattress you choose comes with a pump to make it easier for you to operate. Also, the pump comes in two forms, manual and automatic. You can choose one as per your requirements.


Buying an air mattress can be challenging for many, but those with a good knowledge of camping and hiking know how to choose the right air mattress.

In addition, the first and foremost thing to consider is the right dimension of the truck bed. You need to measure the truck bed correctly to choose the air mattress accordingly.

Besides, there are a few factors to consider when buying an air mattress, such as type of mattress, size, and pump.

However, choosing a high-quality air mattress would be the best decision you will make because it will be durable and ensure a comfortable sleep.

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