How To Make A Homemade Truck Bed Tent | 6 Easy Steps

Nature, tender moments, open fires, and fun memories with near and dear ones all seem essential to the outdoor experience. Hiking in faraway places is a thing for daring travelers.

One should come prepared and take everything they will require if they would like to savor their weekend trip without even any complications.

The opportunity to sleep peacefully covered and quietly constitutes one of the vital aspects. How to make a homemade truck bed tent?

If you have been planning on making your homemade truck bed tent, you will have to understand a few instructions if you want to complete the task alone without assistance.

You may quickly put together your tent and set your truck bed air mattress once you have positioned your truck.

How To Make A Homemade Truck Bed Tent

Different Types Of Truck Bed Tents

Take the time to determine the truck floor’s specifications before creating your handmade truck bed tents.

It must be appropriate for your vehicle. Likewise, make a note that there are a variety of models of truck beds.

  • Fleetside beds.
  • Step side beds.
  • Bedrail path systems.
  • Well, body/style side.
  • Flatbed or tray.
  • No Bed.

These also come with tents that are available in a variety of styles and dimensions.

Necessary Items To Build A Truck Bed Tent

The materials needed to construct a truck bed tent are listed below.

  • Pickup truck
  • PVC pipes that are 6 to 8 feet in length.
  • Edge Fittings
  • T connectors
  • 45 ° angle Elbow
  • 90 ° angle fittings
  • Pool noodles (this is optional)
  • Quick Clamps
  • Clamps for Cable
  • A huge, durable, high-quality tarp.
  • Paper sheet or notebook
  • Measuring tape
  • A pen or pencil

How To Make A Truck Bed Tent In Simple Steps

How to make a homemade truck bed tent? Here are the steps you can follow to make one.

Step 1:

Use the slots in the back of your truck to create your truck bed tent. If you have ever questioned how it is that truck designers punched four holes into the sides of their trucks’ backsides, you can finally understand the reasoning about this.

Four PVC rods that can comfortably accommodate the openings and function as the roof’s sustaining foundations are necessary to begin the first step.

Step 2:

Assemble your truck bed tent to ensure that it represents the letter “A” by adhering to the guidelines. The design of an “A,” such as the alphabet A, could serve as the most suitable and ideal structure for your truck sleeping tent.

It would be best if you made the first section with four feet and connected them with horizontal pipes to obtain this shape. Two additional pipes that perfectly match the length of the side of your truck’s rear are necessary.

You will need four 45-degree elbows and four T connectors. Every 45-degree elbow has to be connected to a foot just before the T connector is connected to that elbow.

Next, connect every set of elbows with a long supporting pipe. You can make sure that your tent is much more secure and can endure the rain and the winds by following these steps.

This kind of tent is also perfect for accommodating two or more individuals. You could therefore take the entire family on vacations.

You can now obtain the final half of your A. The upper half of your actual roofing then needs to be focused on. This element must seem triangular in appearance to represent the complete form of an A.

You require four pipes and two 90-degree connectors to create the top of our roof, which is triangular. Each pipe is now attached to a T connector until being joined with a 90-degree connector. You now have a perfect A shape for your truck bed tent.

Step 3:

The final phase will add extra toughness to ensure your tent is secured. You must create a brand-new strategy for making your truck bed tent sturdier than before if the climate outdoors becomes too stormy and rainy that it cannot withstand the extreme conditions.

You must chop the top four pipes in half to form eight smaller pipes to improve and strengthen your truck bed tent. Next is to set up two extra-long suspension pipes and two extra T connections.

Before you reconnect your roof with the 90-degree connection, you should first attach every set of short roofing lines with a T junction.

Attach two extra assistance pipes in a two-pipe layout between two new interconnections. You will have an upgrade option of assistance if you accomplish this.

So the last phase is to utilize a 90-degree junction to link the above small roofing pipes collectively. You may ensure your truck bed tent is now sturdier as a result of this technique.

The tent will indeed look a bit better if you create it this way. Therefore you might want to consider it once the weather is pleasant.

Step 4:

You can already top the truck bed tent’s structure that you just prepared. You have sorted everything. In order to make the tent seem like a tent, the next thing would be to wrap it with a tarp.

Assure your tarp never goes past the tent’s structure. It should not be too long or too short. You must adjust the tarp so that it shelters you from the winds and the precipitation.

In order to secure the tarp tightly and prohibit it from floating off, you can connect the tarp with four clamps on the front and four on the behind.

Step 5:

Well, how to make a homemade truck bed tent is no more concern after following these instructions. Preceding, you must minimize outdoor sounds while staying in the truck bed tent.

The tent will frequently begin to shake and wobble whenever the wind blows, creating a weird noise.

You need a pool noodle to prevent this from taking place. The four feet of your tent will be encompassed by this pool noodle’s extra layer that is to be formed.

By filling in the space between the foot and the sides of the feet, they will minimize hitting the edges of the holes drilled.

Step 6:

Creating a truck bed tent may sound challenging, but if you pay heed to all of the tiniest things, it won’t be hard.

When picking your construction material, you have to use extreme caution. All must line up precisely.


Are truck tents worthwhile?

Truck bed tents provide a compact and helpful accommodation for those who appreciate traveling or being outdoors.

They are a wise investment considering they are simple to put up, pack while not in use, compact, and robust enough to resist storms during outdoor activities.

Will a truck tent work on the ground?

Truck tents are a wonderful solution to store goods on the back of your truck, and they come with tent pegs that you’ll use to hold them up.

So, don’t worry if there is not enough place for those poles or the other neighboring pegs while camping since so many individuals just set their tents plain alternatively!


How to make a homemade truck bed tent? It is now possible for you to do so. You can make it with commonly existing resources.

The tent can be erected without special pieces of equipment. If you wish to make the item more appealing and valuable, you could also add your unique artistic elements to it.

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