Best Food To Take Camping Without Fridge

Life is nothing but an adventure; breaking away from busy schedules is essential to get yourself refreshed. All you need is to pack your stuff and go on a solo trip or a family gathering.

The first thing to hit your checklist is the food. How are you going to manage your diet? A cooler stuffed with ice and food is a possible solution. However, having a heavy weight on your shoulder limits you from enjoying your break.

So, having food to take camping without fridge is the most desired form to cherish your trips fully. 

However, do not worry, as we are hiking down a trail of tasty food items which do not need a heavy fridge on your back.

Food To Take Camping Without Fridge

Premade Camping Foods

These are rich in necessary nutritional requirements and form a perfect companion, especially when camping with your family.

  • Potato Chips:

Chips are an excellent choice. They are easy to carry in bags. The rigid cylindrical containers make them easy to fit, and kids love them too.

  • Bagels

If you are preparing for a steep, look no further than Bagels. These are rich in proteins and carbohydrates.

  • Cookies

The best food item to fill in-between hunger activities. You can easily choose from a wide variety.

  • Crackers

For those who are not fond of sweets, add crackers to your bag. You can easily pair them with other items for a snack.

  • S’mores:

If you are in both sweet and salt, add S’mores to your travel bag. Chocolate bars, marshmallows, and similar products cut your camping needs. 

  • Drinks

Drinks depend on the weather. Cold weather requires a hot coffee, and summers entertain a cold soda. You can easily choose from the below-listed drinks options to embark on your journey memorably.

  • Cocktails

One of the best drinks to carry around the cocktails, they offer variety in taste and nutrition.

  • Tea and Coffee

No drink can beat the universality of tea and coffee. They are super easy to procure and carry around.

  • Juice Packs

Another ideal camping companion is juicing; you can quickly grab plastic cans and carry them around while hiking

  • Water

You should never set your foot on the trail without a bottle of water. So, water must always make the first drink on your packing list.


The healthier, the better. Breakfast starts our day, and a healthy start will pave the way for the rest of the camping day.

  • Eggs

Pre-processed eggs are an ideal addition to your breakfasting needs. Use powdered eggs instead of fresh ones.

  • Sausage sandwich

Sandwiches are perfect for camping. They are full of nutrition and keep you energetic throughout the day

  • Denver Sandwich

The toasted bread and grilled bacon always please everyone on the trip.

  • Cereal

Since camping is a hectic task, having the right amount of energy and fibres is essential for campers. You can easily pair it with dried fruits, granola, and raisins

  • Oatmeal

You can enjoy a home-based trendy breakfast in your camp. Try overnight oats instead of cooking them. Add your favorite mixings and let it soak overnight

  • Nut Butters


Usually, lunches are skipped on camping, as adventurers are on the hike, fishing, or sunbathing. However, if you are in a group where a food lover will not let you sit down, so do not dare miss your lunch.

Below are some of the best-canned food for camping at lunch

  • Protein shakes

You can quickly treat yourself with shakes that come in powder and liquid form. Although these shakes are not a routine food, make a one-off lunch if you are busy hiking or having fun

  • Summer Sausages

Such sausages are super easy to pack and an excellent source of protein and energy. If you have kids, you can par it with other crackers, thus making it the best part of your camping lunch

  • Individual dessert cups 

These are perfect for ready-made food requirements, especially if you want a light lunch. Dessert cups are readily available, and you can easily pick them up from any store en route to your camping site


Dinners test your inner cook, so unleash your hidden chef to cook foods that travel well without refrigeration. All you need is to get into the grove. A stove or an open flame is enough to cook your dinner. 

Below are a few non-refrigerated options that can make your dinner memorable.

  • Pre-cooked rice

Rice is easy to digest, thus a perfect fit for a new place. You can get packages of half-boiled rice from stores; all you need is to give them a few flames. Additionally, you can add chicken, vegetables, corn, or pulses to make a variety.

  • Canned Veggies

If you have vegans in your group, pack a few canned veggies. Just put them in a frying pan, and you are good to enjoy a perfect vegetable dinner. There are multiple options, including corm, peas, carrots, roasted red peppers, and many others

  • Ramen

You should not get surprised to see ramen here, as they are super-fast to cook. The staple from college life becomes a great staple on the campsite. Plus, they are cheap.

  • Canned Meat

Chicken, hams, spam, fish, meatballs, and the list of canned meat goes on. So, do not hesitate to add canned meat to your buying list for camping food

Other Non-refrigerator camping foods

Although we have mentioned the best food items, the list of cooked foods that last long without refrigeration goes on.

In addition to the suggested earlier, you can add the items below for a fresher taste during your camping exertion.

  • Fresh fruits

One of the best forms of hygienic and instant energy source is fresh fruits. Fruits, including oranges, and bananas, do not even need a rinse. Similarly, grapes, apples, plums, and pears are easy to manage even during the hike. Just put them in your backpack, and you are good to go.

  • Dried fruits

Add variety to your food items by carrying dried fruits. Dehydrated dates, pineapples, apples, cherries, blueberries, and other similar fruits are perfect acquaintances on camping nights.

  • Dry fruits

Dried apricot is one of the best sources of instant energy and calcium, especially for hiking. Similarly, nuts, peanuts, pistachio, figs, and other dry fruits are must-haves. They are easy to carry and consume in-between main meal courses.

  • Honey

Either natural or bottled, honey is a great camping ingredient. It is easily adjustable with many other food items.

  • Candies

Well, how can you forget sweets? They are always there like an old friend. Especially if you have kids on board, do not forget to put some packets of candies.


While our article covers the majority of the foods that travel well without a refrigerator, there still are a large number of options. Long gone are the times when campers had to carry fridges or heavy coolers.

Ease yourself from the burden of carrying all the foodstuff in your vehicle, and enjoy the light and easy-to-cook food. You can have a few baskets and fill them out with the abovementioned stuff. Include your favorite food to take camping without a fridge in the comments section. Always be a good camper, and take care of nature, just as you care for your food. Love nature, bon appetite, and happy camping.

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