10 Best Tips For How To Seal Truck Bed From Dust

If you have ever hauled your pickup truck off-road, you are mindful that the bed becomes dustier and dustier. The question here is how to seal truck bed from dust.

If you don’t have a covering, you will also encounter dust on the bed of the truck on regular days.

If you assume putting a cover would make things better, you could not be more misleading.

Certainly, you can kind of minimize it by using a tonneau covering, but you can never quite block it.

Considering your pickup’s tailgate is not secure properly against the pickup container, this is a frequent issue with many pickup trucks.

Let’s test our instincts and see how we can resolve this problem.

Tailgate seals are indeed a terrific inexpensive accessory that dramatically improves your aesthetics. A strong seal could assure that your luggage is completely secure at all times by covering the bed from dust, debris, and rain.

How to seal truck bed from dust

The Best Tailgate Seals

It is indeed a smart option to have a broad notion of what you desire and do not desire before getting out.

We will now walk you through the primary factors you need to take into consideration before you begin searching for a model for yourself.


The seal’s composition is the most important assessment for you to make. In general, it’s an excellent idea to think about durable rubber that can handle impacts.

Places of continuous interaction and erosion necessitate the placement of sealing. Therefore you require something that has been intended to last.

Definitely make sure that you purchase from a reputable vendor since fake products frequently appear to be manufactured of a particular substance but are actually inferior replicas.


Many versions incorporate fittings that are designed for a particular vehicle.

Moreover, several models are designed so that they specifically complement a single type.

Make very sure you are knowledgeable of the specifications of your pickup truck ahead of traveling and make your decisions based on that understanding. Prevent the age-old blunder of preparing the fish before you grab it!

Installation Technique

It is indeed legitimate to claim that you ought to select a model that is simple to implement if you wish to undertake the implementation for yourself then.

The long-term benefits of purchasing one that includes an operating manual are substantial.

If that isn’t a possibility, Internet has a huge amount of online resources that would guide you through the process from start to finish.

This recommendation should just not disturb you at all if you intend to employ a specialist to complete the project.

Cleaning Your Truck Bed of Dust

A reasonable point, to begin with, would be to purchase a tonneau covering that firmly drapes the back of the truck.

It will endure the preponderance of the effects of environmental dangers. Use a hardcover and preferably a fiberglass cover if you require dust protection.

You must fill the openings to prevent dust from getting inside the truck bed.

  • You may choose a rubber sealant and adhere it to the truck bed around the gate and underneath the corners of the tonneau covering to secure the edges and ends.
  • If you need things smoother since rubber sealants can be tough, you could purchase foamy sheets from the home improvement stores.
  • You will obtain a firmer sealing, and they won’t be coming off as readily and then last longer.

  • It would be best to block the tailgate openings since that is where most of the dirt reaches the pickup truck. The hinged opening definitely must be repaired regardless of whether the corners are filled off.
  • You might acquire a bed carpet that seems big enough to stretch from the truck bed’s end to the tailgate’s entrance.
  • This one will thoroughly seal off the opening as well as provide superb dust prevention. If, however, you select against employing a bed rug and choose to utilize bed mats or bed liners alternatively, you can opt for a gate sealer to fill in the gaps.

Yet, the easiest answer might be to leave the windows shut if you own a sunroof. Rubber strips can be utilized in this scenario in order to lock the panes.

tick-on weather wrapping can be used to dust-proof a bed of a truck and close a faulty entrance. Despite considering all of these safeguards, it’s still possible that there’s a speck of dust on your bed.

You simply have to blow it off or employ a portable vacuum for it.

How to Maintain a Clean Truck Bed?

  • Clean out all the suspended debris with a sweeper to tidy it out. Sweep the edges with a cleaner or use a cloth to clean up any leftover dirt.
  • Bring a container and add the car-washing solution to the warm water. Although dirt will indeed be cleaned, wax isn’t going to be damaged.
  • After wiping the back of the truck with water, wipe the cockpit area of the bed with a brush. Remove dust and water from the car and sweep it towards the rear.
  • Rinse the soap and warm water off. Begin it from the side of the cockpit and finish it towards the tail.
  • Dish soap can be employed to remove excess grease or debris, although it may also disintegrate wax. Then allow it to dry naturally.
  • Give the bed a thorough wax coating to make it glossy once it has completely dried out.


Can water enter through the tailgate seals?

Tailgate seals are excellent at sealing out moisture and humidity. So there is no chance that water or rain can enter the bed of your pickup truck at any cost.

How can I locate the proper seal for my vehicle?

When determining the perfect seal for oneself, there are several things to keep in mind.

This comprises, among other things confined to, the kind of vehicle, the thickness of the sealing, and the way of assembly.

What materials do tailgate seals comprise?

Most of the substances used to produce tailgate seals are rubber-based.

This is intended to be certain that when they encounter immediate contact, they don’t generate any sound or disturbance.

How much time does installing a tailgate seal require?

A tailgate seal can be installed easily without consuming well over thirty minutes to accomplish.
It can take you somewhat longer if you are just getting out and are a newbie, though. Hold a manual close at hand!


So the main concern is how to seal the truck bed from dust. Dust may be retained out of your bed of the truck if a handful of basics are taken into account, and the apertures are covered.

All around corners put foam pieces or high-quality latex sealants. Resist opening your window as often as feasible when using a topper, but even more so when you are traveling on a sandy roadway.

Yet, dust will not be a problem if you implement these fundamental recommendations.

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