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7 Best Winter Truck Tent For Cold Weather | Truck Tent Life

Sleeping in your truck tent is far more comfortable than sleeping on the ground. This also avoids the effort of finding a suitable camp yard as you can rest wherever you park your truck.

Chase your adventures for less with 4-seasonal truck bed tents. Although dozens of options are easily available, all-seasonal tents are so rare.

To help you get a good quality bed tent, we are here to provide all the authentic details. After researching for many hours, we can present you with every detail about the most demanding winter truck tent options for you.

We try our best to help you as much as possible.

It sounds so pretty to have a comfortable and secure adventure. This all is possible only with the help of the best winter truck bed tents.

For your easiness, every important detail about our top 7 picks is discussed below. This guide will surely help you a lot in many ways. So, it’s time to throw a torch on all options.

Our top picks:

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Guide Gear Truck Tent for Camping Material: Polyester, Polyethylene

Size:63″ x 74″l. Footprint, 57” center height

Occupancy: 2 Person

Brand: Guide Gear
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backpac Napier Backroadz Truck Tent Material: Polyester

Size: Mid Size

Occupancy: 2 Person

Brand: Napier Outdoors
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cordlessblower Rightline Gear Truck Tent Material: Polyester

Size: Mid Size

Occupancy: 2 Person

Brand: Rightline Gear
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cordlessblower Rightline Gear SUV Tent Material: Polyester

Size: Universal Fit

Occupancy: 6 Person

Brand: Rightline Gear
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cordlessblower KingCamp Truck Bed Tent Material: Fabric

Size: 6.5 Foot

Occupancy: 2 Person

Brand: KingCamp
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cordlessblower Napier Backroadz Truck Tent Material: Fiberglass

Size: 6.5 Foot

Occupancy: 2 Person

Brand: Napier
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cordlessblower Coastrail Outdoor Truck Bed Tent Material: Polyester

Size: 6.5′

Occupancy: 2 Person

Brand: Coastrail Outdoor
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1. Guide Gear Truck Tent for Camping

7 Best Winter Truck Tent For Cold Weather | Truck Tent Life 27 Best Winter Truck Tent For Cold Weather | Truck Tent Life 4

If you want to stay comfortable and relaxed during your adventure time in winter, then a Guide gear Truck Tent for camping can be your best companion.

It can easily fit two persons and offers huge protection because the overall construction is waterproof.

In addition, the 4.75-inch headroom also has a large D-shaped door. Moreover, the bed tent is compact and lightweight in all ways, as it weighs only 10 pounds.

The easy setting process with 4 poles saves a lot of effort, and you don’t need any special guide for setting up.

Moving to the construction point, let’s add that the tent ensures heavy construction and weather-resistant materials promise to keep you dry during heavy rain.

If the backside of the pickup is more than 74 inches, then the tent can easily fit because the overall length is almost 72 to 74 inches.

Moreover, the water resistance technology of the tent is 1500 millimeters with a floor area of 195 square inches.

Key Features

  • 190T polyester shell construction with a water-resistant coating of 1500mm.
  • Large enough to fit a full-sized bed mattress where two persons can easily rest.
  • The truck tent features mesh windows for ensuring ventilation with sewn-in polyethylene flooring.
  • Super easy to set up.
  • Built to ensure durability.
  • Weather-resistant and water-resistant construction.
  • Available only in two sizes.

Final Verdict:

The flexibility and durability of the Guide Gear Tent make it the best truck tent for camping lovers. The additional side pockets offer extra space for storing small gadgets.

2. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

7 Best Winter Truck Tent For Cold Weather | Truck Tent Life 67 Best Winter Truck Tent For Cold Weather | Truck Tent Life 8

If you want a good quality truck tent while being easy on your wallet, then believe that Napier Backroadz truck tent is calling you.

Mainly, a quick and easy assembly creates an ultimate campsite on the back side of your pickup. Also, the strong building quality protects you against external objects like insects or winds.

Moreover, the full-floor design of the truck promises to keep you dry under all conditions. This allows you to enjoy the best of your adventures without fearing the outer elements.

The zipper-type closure ensures security under 5.6 inches of headroom. Above all, the fully rainfly Napier Backroadz truck tent provides extra weather protection with a resistant coating of 800mm PU Polyester Taffeta.

Key Features

  • 2 mesh windows with large entrance doors are made to ensure optimal ventilation.
  • Secondly, the color-coded poles with sleeve assembly make the setting process easier.
  • Available in different size options to fit perfectly in almost all trucks.
  • It has a spacious interior with a patented sewn-in floor.
  • The tent has zipped storm flaps to ensure privacy.
  • Perfect for 2 people to use.
  • Not a good pick for summer

Final Verdict:

No matter where your adventures take you, the Napier Backroadz truck tent promises to deliver extra protection all the time. This truck tent ensures durability, reliability, and versatility.

3. Rightline Gear Mid Size Short Bed Truck Tent

7 Best Winter Truck Tent For Cold Weather | Truck Tent Life 107 Best Winter Truck Tent For Cold Weather | Truck Tent Life 12

It’s time to turn any spot into a comfortable campsite with Ringtline Gear Mid Size Short Bed Truck Tent. Gone are the days when people have to find a secure site for camping.

Now, you can have a fully comfortable experience in your vehicle. Mainly, the truck tent is outfitted with some exciting features. This bed truck helps you to experience camping up off the ground by e during extra security.

Moving to the construction point, let’s add that the water-resistant fabric of PU 2000mm fabric keeps you dry under rainfall. Not only this, the buckles are made of nylon that won’t damage the finishing of the truck.

The 7.8 pounds weight makes it a compact truck bed tent with overall body dimensions of 23.3 × 14.2 × 14.2 inches. Moving to the next point, the mesh windows ensure ventilation by producing extra light and better views.

Key Features

  • The unique floorless design offers an easy setting process without removing gear.
  • The tent has heavy-duty straps with plastic buckles that won’t damage the finish.
  • The tent had color-coded poles for the easy process of building and removing.
  • Suitable for all seasons.
  • Provides a comfortable camping experience.
  • The windows are made with a super fine screen.
  • No floor means your butts might get dirty while sitting.

Final Verdict:

As Ringtline Gear Mid Size Short Bed Truck Tent is suitable for all seasons, it’s a perfect winter truck bed tent for camping and hiking. Go where your truck takes you and enjoy your adventure with huge safety.

4. Rightline Gear SUV Tent

7 Best Winter Truck Tent For Cold Weather | Truck Tent Life 147 Best Winter Truck Tent For Cold Weather | Truck Tent Life 16

Looking for an extra wide bed tent perfect for using 5-6 persons at a time? If yes, consider checking our favorite universal fit Rightline Gear SUV Tent.

This tent lets you sleep off the ground in the comfort of your vehicle. For this, you can use the back of the SUV tent as the sleeping area.

However, if you have more people, use the tent area for extra space. For the process of building, there’s nothing complicated. You need to connect the bank of the tent to your pickup or jeep.

Here, the pro tip is disconnecting the tent during your day’s adventure. Due to strong construction, they will stay stand until you return from your adventure. 2000mm water resistance technology with 86.4 inches makes it safe for all-time usage.

Key Features

  • It ensures quality waterproof construction with tape-sealed seams.
  • The color-coded poles allow for an easy process of building and removing.
  • It offers much more versatility than a standard bed tent.
  • An ideal pick for a group of friends and family.
  • Suitable to use in winter.
  • Mesh windows provide optimal ventilation.
  • Wind can be a problem because of the large design.

Final Verdict:

No need to cancel friends or family outing plans when the Rightline Gear SUV truck bed pop-up tent offers you extra space. Go beyond your adventures now!

5. KingCamp Truck Bed Tent 6.5 Foot

7 Best Winter Truck Tent For Cold Weather | Truck Tent Life 187 Best Winter Truck Tent For Cold Weather | Truck Tent Life 20

Enjoy the best of your adventuring time with Kingcamp Truck Bed Tent. Undoubtedly, the tent ensures 100% durability because it’s made using flame-retardant Oxford material. The material is rich in durability and versatility.

Well, the key fact that truly wins our hearts is water-restating technology. Surprisingly, the manufacturing team uses the water-resistant fabric of PU 3000mm with tape-sealed seams.

Moreover, the double-layer structure protects against strong winds and heavy rains. Due to this feature, Kingcamp Truck Bed Tent has become the best winter truck bed tent as it offers extra protection.

Moving to the next point, the large expandable space provides shade to keep the rain out of the gear. Lastly, there are hooks on the top side that you can use for several purposes.

Key Features

  • Due to 3000mm Pu, the tent bed offers optimal weather protection under all seasons.
  • Additional net pockets are made on the external side that can easily hold many small items.
  • The truck comes with a rainfly camper that promises to keep you safe.
  • Offers spacious space.
  • Waterproof and weatherproof construction.
  • Suitable for all-season use.
  • Stands on the pricey side.

Final verdict:

All-seasonal bed tents are so rare. Well, this tent is our favorite pick because it delivers extra protection and security against all the elements. If you want something unique with a handsome budget, go for it.

6. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

7 Best Winter Truck Tent For Cold Weather | Truck Tent Life 227 Best Winter Truck Tent For Cold Weather | Truck Tent Life 24

If you’re on a budget and want a protective bed tent for your pickup, then Napier Backroadz Grey Bed Truck Tent is a great option. According to the latest research, the tent is made with premium quality materials of mesh with resistance technology of 800mm.

In addition, it’s very easy to build and remove, as it takes only 10-15 minutes. As the tent works with several trucks, it ensures versatility. Moving to the floor construction, it’s fully floored, which helps to keep you dry and clean the whole time.

For extra security, storm flaps are on the window to protect against outer elements. If you want to optimize the ventilation, keep the doors wide whenever you are busy cooking or doing any other activity.

Key Features

  • Rainfly and storm flaps are on doors and windows to keep you safe the whole time.
  • The tent has color-coded poles that help make the assembling process easier.
  • A full tent floor keeps you clean and dry from heavy rain.
  • It has handy gear pockets.
  • Durable in all weather conditions.
  • Easy to set up.
  • The zippers are weak.

Final Verdict:

As the Napier Backroadz Grey tent is affordable and offers extra comfort, we consider it the best truck bed tent for 2 people to stay in. Save your budget and enjoy the best of your adventures with the Napier Backroadz Grey Bed Truck Tent.

7. Coastrail Outdoor Truck Bed Tent

7 Best Winter Truck Tent For Cold Weather | Truck Tent Life 267 Best Winter Truck Tent For Cold Weather | Truck Tent Life 28

Have fun in the sun’s direct rays with the Coastrail outdoor truck bed tent. Pressingly, the tent is made with 210 polyester fabric with a waterproof coating to make it a worth-buying option for everyone.

In addition to this, the whole structure of the tent has the support of composite fiber poles that attaches everything easily to your truck.

Moreover, the large mesh window has a zipper closure that always ensures visibility and optimal ventilation. Air cap cents are present on the top side, which offers extra ventilation by increasing stability in all conditions.

2000mm waterproof coating makes this tent sturdy. Undoubtedly, the Coastrail outdoor truck bed tent is rich in ventilation because of the upper vents, mesh windows, and large doors.

Key Features

  • The poles are made with 8.5mm fiberglass, which is more durable.
  • Elastic straps are adjustable and versatile to attach to any car and pickup.
  • Air escape vents add more ventilation and offer extra stability in breezy conditions.
  • Convenient and versatile.
  • Suitable for all seasons.
  • Waterproof construction keeps you safe.
  • Zipper quality needs improvements.

Final Verdict:

If you want a 4-seasonal bed tent for extra comfort, then Coastrail outdoor truck bed tent is made only for you. Due to versatility, we call it the best winter truck bed tent for everyone.  

Buying Guide For Winter Truck Tent

Why a truck tent? Is it worthwhile to buy a truck tent?

As we all want a little cut off from the busy routines of our life so the nature explorer chooses a pickup truck and goes to enjoy the outdoor natural beauty.

These short outdoor trips can be facilitated with winter truck bed tents that help to refresh the campers’ minds for the work for the next so many days so that they can work freshly.

Pickup trucks can be rolled into truck bed tents so that they can be easily used as camping sites. This facility will make you free from the trouble of ground sleep with unwanted creepy crawly.

The best durable truck tents are better than regular ground tents. They are surely worth buying if you are a pickup truck owner.

Winter truck bed tents are good for outdoor tours because they help provide extra space for resting. Truck bed tents are better places than traditional camping sites.

By using a truck bed tent for camping, you can enjoy a private, wide, and comfortable home-like shelter even if you are not at your home.

How to buy the right truck tent?

If you want to buy a truck bed tent but don’t know how to make the right choice among a huge variety of roof-mounted tents or extended truck beds or short bed tents along with different styles.

Some are with extensions, or truck awnings and some are with other offers and are for different models. Then you do not need to be confused, you can review the features, that are explained below, to choose the right truck bed tent.

Construction Material

When buying truck tents, the main concentration should be on construction materials. The material should be of good quality and should be durable.

It needs to have strength enough to bear weights and loads. Strong and breathable material along with resistance to fire is highly preferable for winter truck bed tents.

Along with truck bed tents should be made up of waterproof fabric so that they can cope with weather changes. The dryness and cleanliness of the inside environment totally depend upon the type of material you choose.

Easy to use

Your enjoyment depends upon how much time you give to explore more nature and in which mood you are observing the natural world.

If your truck bed tent is made up of messy material with lots of instruction, it will surely spoil your mood and will waste your time.

So, it is necessary to choose a truck bed tent with easy and quick assembly. It should be easy to wrap up or roll out after use. Therefore, always pick a winter truck bed tent with quick assembly.

Wide space

As truck tents fit the truck’s bed for sure, so they must offer ample space to sleep, along with family, at least for two adults.

Long Term Use

Truck tents should be stable enough, so that can be used for a long time. Utility depends upon some factors like the material of which it is made up of.

How convenient is it to clean the truck tent? The bearing strength of the load and most important the stability in confronting weather-changing conditions.

If a truck tent keeps its peace same in rain or snow or in scorching sun rays then it is the thing that can be used for long periods of time.


A truck tent is a thing that cannot be bought every day, after a week, or after every trip. It must have a guarantee of minimally of one year. It should be guaranteed for all seasonal trips. So do check the guarantee while purchasing a new truck tent.


Any gadget you buy must be adaptable. Adaption is a factor that is the most necessary to have in. Winter truck bed tent. It means the tent should be adaptable to climates and to disorders. There must be a strategy for manufacturers’ faults to exchange.

For example,
  • If you received the tent with a manufacturing deficiency then there should be a way to exchange for.
  • If it is rain, then there should be a way to keep the inner space dry and clean.
  • If it is scorching rays of sun then there must be a way to keep the inner side breathable and ventilated.

Ventilation mechanisms

There must be wide and extra windows plus sky-view vents for the exchange of air. Wide windows and a large entrance door are good for the ventilation system and for lighting. Hanging bolts or hooks can also be used to make the inside more enlightening.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a truck tent bear snow accumulation?