Difference Between Napier Sportz Vs Backroadz Truck Tent

A tent that can get attached to a truck and used for camping is known as a truck tent. You’ll get equipped for any expedition within minutes of setup time.

The Sportz truck tent Succession screams premium with its wide front door, headroom access window, and full tent floor.

With the outdoors in mind, the Backroadz Truck Tent got created. Also, you can have significant headroom quickly with its straightforward and secure setup.

Entering is easy because the big entrance, flooring, and storm flaps are sewn in; confidentiality and also protection from the elements are never an issue.

Everything About Napier Sportz vs Backroadz Truck Tent Gets Discussed Below, So Read it All.

Advantages of Backroadz truck tent Vs. Sportz truck tent:

Backroadz Truck Tent:

  • The waterproof floor is present in the Backroadz tent camper. Also, the outside of the rainfly is virtually identical to that of a common ground tent.
  • This tent is a wonderful choice if you decide between distinctive types of tents.
  • Compared to the Napier Sportz vehicle tent, this tent is lightweight and less expensive. It is also really simple to set up and fold into a little bag for simple transportation.
  • Plus, It’s an excellent, affordable solution that provides greater comfort than a typical ground tent.

Sportz Truck Tent:

  • In contrast to the Backroadz model, the Napier Outside Sportz Tent is a new design.
  • Outside the boundaries of your truck bed, its wide, extended awning offers weather protection—also the tent’s back access window, which you can reach within your truck if necessary.
  • For others, this tiny area serves as a kind of mudroom and is necessary for a clean and, thus, happy camping trip. To some, this also may not seem like a huge benefit.

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Technical Differences in Napier Sportz vs. Backroadz Truck Tent:

Backroadz truck tent:

Star aspectPortable and tall, Rainfly
ForTravel and car camping
Weight1 Pound

Sportz Truck Tent:

Star aspectRainfly
ForCar Camping
Weight16 Pounds

Main Features of Sportz Truck Tent:


Regarding construction quality, this right-line gear truck tent seems to be no slacker. Poles made of steel and fiberglass combine to make up the frame.

  • Additional fiberglass poles get used for an entry’s arches, and poles allow you to adjust the awning’s height.
  • For vehicle and pack camping tents, polyester is the material of choice. Also, it has excellent fabric strength, although it is lightweight and absorbent when wet. It also allows for good airflow and offers some Ultraviolet shielding from the sun and Rays of light.


  • Built-in mesh windows in Napier’s tent allow for the entry and exit of natural light.
  • When the tent closes, adjustable side ceiling vents can get employed next to the windows. Also, these apertures have zip-up storm flaps added by Napier to keep you dry during inclement weather.
  • Additionally, it utilizes the entire area of your bed and offers more than 5 feet of headroom.

The Best Material:

  • With a polyester mesh and rainfly for the openings, this shelter gets made of sturdy polyester. Also, the thick polyester Oxford used for the floor ensures that it will stay parallel with the truck bed for many years.
  • In addition to keeping mosquitoes away and letting you take in the views, the mesh is ideal for enabling air to circulate within the tent.

Main Features of Backroadz Truck Tent:


  • You can easily disassemble fiberglass poles because they are shock-corded and flexible enough to create a robust shelter. The shell is made out of polyester taffeta.
  • Also, using the same material, the rain fly is waterproofed to resist downpours. The tent gets made to maximize the use of the truck bed’s full dimensions of the walls and to have the door on the opening gate.
  • Additionally, a Polyester mesh is sufficiently dense to prevent insects while allowing air to circulate inside and outside the tent.


  • The Napier truck tent contains fundamental waterproofing elements to keep you dry all the time.
  • Also, Included is a polyester fabric rain fly coated with water resistance. Rain can slide off the dome easily because it lies on top of the truck bed’s walls.
  • Also, the truck’s bed and walls get covered in polyethylene flooring that resembles tarps.
  • This layer will also stop any water from soaking through if any water collects in the bed, keeping it from withering away or becoming peat moss.

Easy to use:

  • Even though assembling this tent requires effort, it might not take you longer than 10 minutes if you understand what you’re doing.
  • Also, It must get assembled using the fiberglass poles after being removed from its carrying bag.
  • The rain fly may get attached to the structure once it has been pitched by simply fastening on the included buckles and pulling it taut.

Some Other Aspects of Backroadz Truck Tent Vs. Sportz Truck Tent:

Napier Backroadz truck tent:

  • The Backroadz truck-bed tent from Napier Outdoors has a fully covered floor and is also simple to put together.
  • Although most people probably couldn’t stand up comfortably in the tent’s 5+ feet of height, it does give the inside a wide, spacious feel.
  • Also, for protection against snow and rain, the Backroadz tent includes a rain fly. A bed’s dropped gate gets reached by the doorway.
  • A longer awning would have provided extra protection during bad weather, but it is not included.

Sportz truck tent:

  • A wide extended awning and tape-seamed rainfly are hallmarks of the Napier Family Sportz truck bed tent.
  • The tent has a capacity for two persons and their gear because it is over five feet long and has headroom. Also, consider having a sewn-in floor as a luxury feature for truck-bed tents.
  • The 6×6 foot awning, which makes an outside staging space, is its best feature.
  • To make assembly simple, Napier colored-coded the tent poles. Also, Let the method take up to 10 minutes, depending on if assistance is present.


What makes a truck tent ideal?

The ideal truck tent has lots of overhead space and fits securely in the truck bed. Also, it should have plenty of security straps, has to stay waterproof, and should get well-ventilated.   

Why does a truck bed tent get used?

An easy way to camp anywhere is with a truck tent, which can get attached directly to a vehicle.

Also, People who desire to camp in rocky or terrain locations may find truck tents to stay wonderful amenities.

Are truck tents suitable for the ground?

Truck tents do not get made to get staked onto the ground. Therefore, they have a greater danger of blowing away or tumbling over on the ground, so it is better not to use them this way.


Putting it all together, the Napier Sportz vs Backroadz truck tent collection is the most popular vehicle tent worldwide. Also, all Napier tents can get transported anywhere since they pack into an extendable, lightweight carrying bag.

Also, it is understandable why they offer models to match practically all vehicles available. The tents have features that make them different from each other.

Fiberglass poles, ripstop waterproof fabric, and a floor with a proprietary watertight seam are some of the many aspects of these tents. Depending on your needs, you should buy these tents after comparing the differences and advantages, and for that, read this article thoroughly.

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