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7 Best Tent For Truck Bed | Ultimate Buying Guide

It’s time to evaluate your camping experience by investing in a good quality truck bed tent. Undoubtedly, the best tent for truck bed broadens your adventure horizons.

Joke aside, with a relatively small investment, you can turn your pickup into a comfortable place to spend the night.

A secure shelter on the truck bed offers a lot of advantages when you’re camping or hiking. Well, we have tested some of the most reliable options by discussing each product in detail.

The whole article is based on authentic and genuine research where we highlight all the major details about the best tent for truck beds.

If you want to make the most of your adventures, then keep following the article. Our research over several days resulted in finding good quality tents for you. So, let’s get started now:

Short View of Best Tent For Truck Bed

Our top picks:

Image Product Details   Price
backpac FOFANA Truck Bed Tent Automatic Setup Material: PU2000MM Oxford Cloth

Size: Full Size 5.5 ft 6.5 & 8ft

Occupancy: 2 Person

Brand: Fofana
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backpac Quictent Pickup Truck Tent Material: PU2000mm

Size: 8.0-8.2′

Occupancy: 2 Person

Brand: Napier Outdoors
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cordlessblower North East Harbor Truck Bed Tent Material: Polyester

Size: 6′-6’1″

Occupancy: 2 Person

Brand: North East Harbor
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cordlessblower Sportz Truck Tent Blue/Grey Material: Polyester

Size: Full-Size Crew Cab

Occupancy: 2 Person

Brand: Napier Outdoors
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cordlessblower JoyTutus Pickup Truck Tent Material: PU2000mm

Size: 5.5′-6′

Occupancy: 2 Person

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cordlessblower Napier Backroadz Truck Tent Material: Polyester

Size: Full-Size Short 6.5-Feet

Occupancy: 2 Person

Brand: Napier
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cordlessblower Rightline Gear SUV Tent Material: Polyester

Size: Universal Fit

Occupancy: 2 Person

Brand: Rightline Gear
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1. FOFANA Truck Bed Tent Automatic Setup

7 Best Tent For Truck Bed | Ultimate Buying Guide 27 Best Tent For Truck Bed | Ultimate Buying Guide 4

To start, FOFANA Truck Bed Tent Automatic Setup is our first recommendation when it comes to buying a reliable tent.

The reason is that the automatic preassembled pole structure makes the installation process quick and easy. With this, the process of taking down is beyond simple as it has no loose poles for wrestle.

In addition to this, this tent is a versatile solution that’s capable enough to fit perfectly in any truck without sacrificing usability.

In this way, it provides comfort and protection for most standard-sized trucks. According to our analysis, the tent has full-height windows that ensure optimal ventilation all the time.

These bigger windows allow enjoying a full view of 360° of your surroundings with a sky view of 180°. It doesn’t matter whether you are willing to play a strong hunting game or you want to enjoy nature, FOFANA Truck Bed Tent is a suitable pick for every camping lover.

In addition to this, the tent also has window flaps that you can pull anytime to ensure privacy.

This feature makes it the best tent for truck beds in the competition. On the contrary, it offers more space with a standing height of 6 feet where two persons can easily sleep. The truck is mainly available in two size options of 80 × 50 inches or 85 × 57 inches of the floor.

Key Features

  • It has premium interior pockets that can store all your essentials to keep you organized. 
  • Full waterproof floor design keeps you dry all the time.
  • Huge full-height mesh windows meet in the cool breeze to ensure optimal ventilation.
  • It has an automatic setup.
  • The tent provides a panoramic view.
  • Provides comfort and support.
  • A bit tall for some people.

Final Verdict:

A big thanks to the tall windows and panoramic design that gives you a nice view all the time. This makes FOFANA Truck Bed Tent Automatic Setup our top recommendation.

2. Quictent Pickup Truck Tent

7 Best Tent For Truck Bed | Ultimate Buying Guide 67 Best Tent For Truck Bed | Ultimate Buying Guide 8

If you want to enjoy a perfect camping experience, then Quictent Pickup Truck Tent is calling you. The easy installation and more ventilation make it a worth-buying option.

According to our testing, the tent can be your best companion for hiking, camping, beach gatherings, and many more.

When it comes to the available space, let’s add that it’s large enough to fit the truck beds of 6.4 to 6.7 inches where two persons can easily enjoy their trip. The overall dimensions of the tent are almost 81 × 71 × 63 inches with a total weight of 6.76 kilograms.

Moreover, the tent has an expandable awning 48 × 48 inches that you can use for shade or keep out the rain. Whenever you’re not using the awning, store it on the door.

Moving to the construction details, the tent is made with water-resistant fabric with tape-sealed seams of 2000mm polyester.

This keeps your truck bed clean and dries all the time. So, heavy rain or wind can’t disturb you. Above all, the most impressive feature of the tent is the 4000mm PU fully-floored design.

It keeps the room clean and dry and delivers extra comfort. Surprisingly, it also offers an assembling or removing process.

Key Features

  • The adjustable pole pockets with double holes make the installation process faster.
  • The color of the poles and pockets corresponds to each other which allows you to locate the pole easily.
  • 3 mesh windows with a large entrance door ensure ventilation.
  • The tent has a spacious interior.
  • Waterproof and weatherproof construction.
  • It offers an expandable awning.
  • Unsuitable for cold weather.

Final Verdict:

We are sure that Quictent Pickup Truck Tent will deliver you a supportive and comfortable shelter. The waterproof construction keeps you safe under all conditions. 

3. North East Harbor Truck Bed Tent

7 Best Tent For Truck Bed | Ultimate Buying Guide 107 Best Tent For Truck Bed | Ultimate Buying Guide 12

It’s time to evaluate your camping experience with North East Harbor Truck Bed Tent which provides you with a safe shelter.

Mainly, the tent is a worth-buying option because it delivers extra protection. Here, the overall construction of the tent is made with Polyester Taffeta material.

This material makes it UV-resistant with a low moisture retention rating. In this way, we truly believe that the tent will keep you secure from all the outer elements like insects, stones, wind, and many more.

Moving to the floor construction, our deep analysis highlights that the fabric floor is made of polyethylene. Pressingly, polyethylene has a very good impact on wear resistance.

When it comes to sleeping capacity, the tent is spacious for two persons. This allows you to turn your vehicle into a safe campsite.

Moreover, the tent offers optimal ventilation because it has a mesh window with a wide entrance door. Furthermore. It also has a gear pocket that helps you to organize all your necessities.

On the contrary, the overall dimensions are 29.53 × 9.06 × 9.06 inches with a weight of 11 pounds. Just like other options, the installation process is easier.

Above all, it also comes with a rainfly that’s made of polyester. The rainfly delivers extra protection to you during heavy rains or strong wind storms.

Key Features

  • The 70 inches floor length gives you a suitable place for sleeping and resting.
  • It comes with a lantern hook to hang your flashlights or lantern.
  • It’s spacious enough that 2 adults can comfortably enjoy the beauty of nature.
  • Internal gear pocket and lantern holder.
  • Durable and sturdy construction.
  • Offers excellent ventilation.
  • Would be better with an awning.

Final Verdict:

Undoubtedly, North East Harbor Truck Bed Tent stands as the best truck bed tent because it features exceptional specs. In this way, you can never go wrong with this purchase.

4. Sportz Truck Tent Blue/Grey

7 Best Tent For Truck Bed | Ultimate Buying Guide 147 Best Tent For Truck Bed | Ultimate Buying Guide 16

According to our analysis, Sportz Truck Tent stands as the best premium quality tent with an affordable price range. The trend of camping is never going to end and bed tents are in huge demand now.

In this way, Sportz Truck Tent comes with a perfect blend of quality fabric and poles. This ensures durability and longevity.

In addition to this, the tent comes with fine attention to detail for a well-rounded outdoor shelter. Moving to the construction point, the mesh windows and vents keep the interior keeps the interior at the proper temperature.

This waterproof shelter is your best companion for weekend adventures on the roads. The water-resistant technology of 1200mm polyester makes it the best tent for a truck bed for your camping experience.

In addition to this, 30 inches of floor length with 6 feet of maximum height makes it spacious enough for 2 persons. Furthermore, a 4 × 4 inches shade awning delivers extra protection.

Moving to the general details, the tent weighs almost 11.48 kilograms with dimensions of 30 × 9 × 9 inches. Well, the portability of the tent allows you to set up the camp virtually anywhere.

Key Features

  • A large expandable awning of 4 × 4 allows you to enjoy your coffee under shade.
  • It creates a perfect camping oasis wherever you go.
  • An exclusively fully enclosed door keeps you clean and dry from all elements.
  • Available in many sizes.
  • Provides you with a comfortable sleeping time.
  • It has a spacious interior.
  • Not a good option for winter.

Final Verdict:

Well, Sportz Truck Tent is made in different size options to meet all the requirements of buyers. As all the models have plenty of headroom, so evaluate your experience with this tent right now.

5. JoyTutus Pickup Truck Tent

7 Best Tent For Truck Bed | Ultimate Buying Guide 187 Best Tent For Truck Bed | Ultimate Buying Guide 20

If you’re excepting heavy rainfall and strong wind storms on your trip, then do consider checking JouTutus Pickup Truck Tent. It will ensure protection under all conditions.

In addition, we consider it the best choice for everyone who wants to stay warm and dry. In this way, you can use the tent for any season including winter.

Pressingly, the tent is made of 150D polyester Oxford, which ensures superior strength and durability. Not only this, the 2000mm polyester coating makes it waterproof and weatherproof which keeps the interior dry even under the stormiest condition.

Above all, it also has an additional waterproof bottom layer. This layer works wonderfully and prevents the water from seeping in.

When it comes to the ventilation, let’s add that it has 3 mesh windows with a double-layer design that are wide enough for observation. Primarily, the maximum weight is almost 8.42 pounds and the dimensions are 66.9 × 62.9 × 90.5 inches.

Above all, it also has 4 storage pockets that collect sundries and keeps the space tidy. The zipper closure design makes it a stable tent to provide you worth-remembering experience.

Key Features

  • With a sky view vent, it’s suitable for sightseeing with the maintenance of air circulation.
  • The construction of aluminum alloy metal material makes it more flexible and lightweight.
  • The fiberglass poles are so sturdy and won’t damage the truck coating.
  • Perfect for sightseeing.
  • Suitable for all seasons.
  • Excellent waterproof performance.
  • The truck compatibility is limited.

Final Verdict:

Keep your things well-organized while camping with 4 pockets of JouTutus Pickup Truck Tent. The facts like double-layered construction, 3 mesh windows, and additional pockets make it the best truck tent.

6. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

7 Best Tent For Truck Bed | Ultimate Buying Guide 227 Best Tent For Truck Bed | Ultimate Buying Guide 24

If you are looking for a tent with a larger interior and proper ventilation, then the Napier Backroadz truck tent is made only for you.

We consider it an ideal choice for camping and hiking. Moving to the major details, the tent has two large mesh windows that allow plenty of air to pass through.

This keeps the interior cool even in the most sweltering conditions of weather. In addition to this, the center height of the tent is approximately 58 to 62 inches.

Well, this fact makes it one of the roomiest truck tents for the use of 2 persons. With 800mm Polyester Taffeta material, the tents work equally well under good conditions also.

The fully rainfly construction keeps you dry even in rainstorms. For ensuring extra protection, it has extra storm flaps for windows and doors to avoid the water seeping in.

The assembling process takes less than 10 minutes because sleeve assembly fits snugly on color-coded poles. Not only this, but it also has a later holder, gear pockets, and a gear loft.

These features ensure a spacious interior with dimensions of 84 × 65 × 67 inches. Lastly, the whole weight is 6.02kg with an interior area of 5.6 inches.

Key Features

  • Fully Rainfly delivers ultimate weather protection under stormiest conditions.
  • The tent is perfectly compatible with most pick-up trucks.
  • Double-layered construction provides security against any nocturnal creature.
  • Sewn-in floor design.
  • Easy assembling process.
  • Ensures optimal ventilation all the time.
  • Suitable for only one season.

Final Verdict:

Undoubtedly, the Napier Backroadz truck tent is an ideal choice for everyone because all the features are impressive. It’s time to give a try to this tent.

7. Rightline Gear SUV Tent

7 Best Tent For Truck Bed | Ultimate Buying Guide 267 Best Tent For Truck Bed | Ultimate Buying Guide 28

If the easy setup is high on your list of preferences, then we believe that Rightline Gear SUV Tent is a closure look. As it has a floorless design, the assembly time reduces considerably.

This makes it the best tent for truck bed option when a quick shelter is your need. With a dependable waterproof construction, the tent keeps moisture away from it.

Here, 2000mm Polyester with taking sealed seams and rainfly make it a worth-buying option. Moving to the internal space, the tent is spacious enough for the use of 6 persons.

In this way, we consider it a good option for family adventures. With 86.4 inches maximum height and 64 feet floor area, you can have a spacious shelter on the back of your pickup.

Moreover, all the poles are color-coded with pockets that make the assembling straightforward. Strapping adds an extra layer of solidity and all the straps are made of soft polypropylene. On the contrary, the whole weight of the tent is 9.64 kg with dimensions of 26 × 10 × 10 inches.

Key Features

  • As the tent is compatible, you can connect it to the back of any truck.
  • The water-resistant design features a rainfly with zipper covers and tale-sealed seams.
  • The vehicle sleeves disconnect easily and allow the tent to remain standing.
  • Color-coded tent poles.
  • Offers good ventilation.
  • The tent has a lightweight construction.
  • Floorless design can cause a lot of mess.

Final Verdict:

If you want to stay protected in sudden situations, then you need to opt for Rightline Gear SUV Tent. It provides quick shelter but the floorless design is not suitable for all seasons.

Buying Guide For Best Tent For Truck Bed

Pressingly, there are several considerations that you need to keep in mind while deciding which model of the tent to go for.

In this way, we have just compiled a brief list of all the key considerations. These considerations help you to choose the right tent as per your preferences. Let’s throw a torch on all these factors right now