How To Set Up A Truck Tent | 13 Best Steps

You can now go camping anywhere without worrying about the area’s weather and rough terrains. Thanks to innovative truck tents that you can set up inside your truck bed and eliminate bothersome ground camping. It is straightforward to set and does not cost an arm and a leg.

If you are an outdoor person, setting up a truck tent can solve many of your problems. But you must follow all the steps accurately. Be with us as we discuss how to set up a truck tent method.

Before that, it is important to know a few other aspects of a truck tent like its advantages and things to look for when investing money in this product.

Let’s get started! How to setup up a truck tent

What is a Truck Tent?

As the name implies, a truck tent is a tent that you install on your truck as a ready-to-go accessory. Having a tent fitted in your truck bed gives you the freedom of camping anywhere you want.

It is highly comfortable, safe, and hygienic. You can say goodbye to sleeping on a ground camp that is irresistible to heavy winds, rain, bugs, and mites.

Why Choose a Truck Tent?

Before starting our guide on how to set up a truck tent, we must explore the advantages of this activity. Truck tents are ideal for frequent campers who are not much comfortable with spending nights in a ground tent.

It ensures cleanliness, comfort, and a warm environment with additional protection from harsh weather.

A truck tent is pretty simple to set up and not too heavy on your budget. Setting up a tent system in your camping trucks also eases the execution of plans made at the last moment.

Things to Look for When Buying a Truck Tent

If you want to invest money in the best truck tents, you must consider the following essential factors when purchasing.

Design of Tent

The design of the truck tent you buy is important for several reasons. A few truck tents lack floor flap, which means the floor needs to be cleaned more often. Hence, it would be best if you went for the tent that covers the ground of the truck’s bed.

Similarly, it would help if you bought a tent that offers easy access to the truck’s cabin. In such a design, there is more space, and you could also charge your devices. Here are a few more things to look for in a tent’s design with their potential functions.

  • Awnings as a rain shield and ventilation source
  • Zippers to close the door
  • Mesh coverings to protect flies and bugs from invading your space
  • Storage patches and holders for easier tent clean up

Truck Dimensions

The tent must go well with your truck bed’s size. For that, you have to know every detail about the dimensions of your truck’s bed, from its width to length. In such a situation, knowing the brand and model of the truck can also help.

Along similar lines, you should also consider the tent’s attachment system, which is usually of two types, strap or rail-based. Always go for the one that is compatible with your truck.


Truck tents protect from harsh weather, but you must consider the climate of areas you visit more frequently. For example, if it is sunny for the most part, your tent should have mesh windows for ventilation. Similarly, your tent must have an attached rain fly or any other waterproof material for rainy areas.

How to Setup a Truck Tent?

Setting up a truck tent is not complex if you know all the right techniques. Here we discuss the step-by-step method to install the tent in your camping truck. Let’s get started.

  • The first step is to unlock the tailgate of your truck. Once done, you can put the tent on the truck’s bed. However, make sure that the truck’s mesh window is in an upward direction.
  • Now you have to place the tent on the tailgate while ensuring the gate’s strap is below it.
  • When you tug the tent with force will entirely wrap the truck bed. It is due to the tent’s seamed corners that perfectly fit the vehicle’s bed.
  • You must fix the tent’s C belt in the bottom region of the truck’s exterior. Make sure not to tie it too tightly.
  • The next step is to open the tent’s gate and attach the belt’s hinge clips to wedge on the sides of the truck’s bed.
  • Look for the tent’s orange strap and strengthen it so that the tent’s seam of the inner side goes along the top border of the truck bed’s rail
  • Now hold the belt A and B to fix them on the truck’s exterior lip, just like step # 4. You can now tighten the three belts. However, you should avoid over-strengthening the straps as it could damage the tent.
  • With tightening A, B, and C belts, you must secure the tailgate’s strap and set its side flaps to the bumper’s backside.
  • Look for three tent poles and connect them to their pole sleeve, marked with similar colored tape. Usually, the two frontal poles are orange, while the single rear pole is gray. Be sure to raise these poles when inserting them into their relevant sleeves.
  • Connecting the gray taped pole to the pole clips is important to prevent any slips.
  • A slack will appear when you place the inside flap of the tent on the truck bed’s rails; pull it with minimal force.
  • The final step is to balance all the straps for one last time. You should also ensure that the tent’s inner seam is properly set on the bed’s outer edges.
  • Your truck tent is ready for the next trip.


Is a truck bed tent worth the money?

If you are a frequent camper and your area of travel usually involves rough terrains, then a truck tent will be worth the money. It offers ultimate comfort and safety at relatively economical prices.

How much time is required to set up a truck tent?

A beginner may take around half an hour to set up the truck tent. However, if you have prior experience, fifteen minutes are enough to wrap up the task.

Do I require a toolbox to set up a truck tent?

No. There is no use of a toolbox while setting up a truck tent. You have to follow a few simple steps, and your truck will be ready for the next camping trip.

How many people can sleep in a truck tent?

A truck tent bed can accommodate up to three adults for sleeping comfortably. However, one or two children can fit in as well.

Final Verdict

You must love camping, but the cons of setting up a ground tent to spend the night annoy you. Say no more to the problem with truck tents. You can now set up a camping tent on your truck’s bed and enjoy your trip most comfortably.

The product is not only cheaper but also easier to set up. If you follow our ‘how to set up a truck tent’ guide properly, you will likely get it correct on the first try.


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